Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Announces Engagement to Sky Daily

Xavier Roger
Hulk Hogan and Sky Daily

In a heartwarming development, wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, has recently gotten engaged to Sky Daily, his girlfriend of over a year. The 69-year-old WWE Hall of Famer nervously popped the question at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, and was thrilled when the yoga instructor said yes.

Hogan shared his excitement about the engagement during a speech at the wedding of his friends Corin and Sabrina Nemec. He revealed that he proposed to Sky on her 44th birthday, making the occasion even more special. The couple stood side by side as Hogan made the delightful announcement, expressing his joy and love for his soon-to-be wife.

The wrestling legend has two children, Brooke, 35, and Nick, 32, from his first marriage to Linda Hogan, which ended in 2007 after nearly 24 years. Sky, on the other hand, has three children of her own, and Hogan has embraced her entire family with open arms, further solidifying their bond.

Hogan’s engagement to Sky marks a new chapter in his life, as he recently went through a divorce with his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel, whom he married in December 2010. The actor and former wrestler officially confirmed the split in February 2022 and happily moved on to his blossoming romance with Sky.

Beyond the joys of his personal life, Hogan has also made significant changes in his lifestyle. He revealed in a candid interview with Men’s Health magazine that he decided to quit alcohol earlier this year. In the past, he used to consume up to 15 beers a day, but he realized it was becoming a way to cope with challenges in his life.

Describing his past drinking habits, Hogan stated that three Miller Lites and two Tylenols were his pre-match meal, followed by an astonishing 12 Miller Lites as his post-match meal. However, after recognizing the negative impact of excessive drinking on his well-being, he made a firm decision to give it up.

Hogan now leads a healthier lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol completely and focusing on staying hydrated with quality water, particularly Mountain Valley water in glass bottles. He admitted that alcohol had become a means of numbing himself during tough times, but he found healthier ways to cope and decided to stop drinking entirely about six months ago.

The wrestling legend’s engagement and newfound dedication to a healthier lifestyle are undoubtedly positive milestones in his life, and fans and well-wishers are excited to see him embark on this new chapter with Sky Daily by his side. Congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement!

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