Swiss Football Star Alisha Lehmann: From Country Village to International Fame

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Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann, the skilled Swiss attacker, is no stranger to fans of the Barclay’s Women’s Super League. Having played for West Ham, Everton, and currently Aston Villa, where she forms a formidable trio with Lionesses Rachel Daly and Jordan Nobbs, she has left a lasting impact on the league.

However, the 24-year-old’s fame extends far beyond the football pitch. Alisha is a social media sensation with an astounding 13 million followers on Instagram. Surprisingly, her following surpasses that of Swiss sporting legend Roger Federer. Her popularity has also become a lucrative asset, reportedly earning her up to £241,314 for sponsored posts, according to The Sun.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Alisha shared her humble beginnings in Tagertschi, a quaint town on the outskirts of Bern, Switzerland. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed how far she has come from her country village upbringing.

“We just played street football all day. When a car came, we shouted: ‘Car! Move!’ It was so normal. Now it’s a bit different! This makes me so humble because I can always think about this moment. There is a difference now, I live in a big city. But I never forget it,” she reminisced.

As the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand approaches, Switzerland is eager to make a significant impact. Additionally, the country is gearing up to host the next Euros in 2025. Under the guidance of coach Inka Grings, the Swiss team boasts an impressive lineup, with players like Arsenal’s Lia Walti, PSG forward Ramona Bachmann, and Barcelona winger Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic.

They will face a challenging group, featuring matches against the Philippines, Norway, and the hosts New Zealand, who are likely to benefit from enthusiastic home support.

As Alisha Lehmann and her compatriots prepare to showcase their talents on the world stage, the world watches eagerly, both on the pitch and on her Instagram feed, where she continues to captivate millions with her football prowess and engaging content. Stay tuned as Switzerland aims to make a lasting impression in the upcoming World Cup and pave the way for their future endeavors in international football.

Source : Independent UK


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