Soccer Analyst Shaka Hislop Collapses on Air but Recovers: Latest Updates

Xavier Roger
Shaka Hislop faints on air

Shaka Hislop, the esteemed ESPN soccer analyst, suffered a sudden collapse on live television just minutes before AC Milan’s friendly match with Real Madrid at the Rose Bowl in California on Sunday. Fortunately, his co-host, Dan Thomas, confirmed that Hislop is “OK” and conscious after the alarming incident.

The on-air scare was caught on camera as Hislop stumbled forward and accidentally bumped into Thomas before falling to the ground. Thomas immediately called for medical assistance, and the broadcast promptly cut to commercials to address the situation.

Thankfully, commentator Adrian Healey provided reassurance during the sports network’s coverage of the match, stating that Shaka Hislop had recovered. Although he did not witness the incident directly, Healey emphasized that they received definitive confirmation that Hislop was alright.

Shortly after the distressing moment, Thomas took to Twitter to inform fans that Hislop was conscious and being attended to by the medical team. However, he cautioned that it was too early for a comprehensive medical diagnosis.

During the halftime break, Thomas provided an update on Hislop’s condition, confirming that he was conscious and able to communicate. Thomas also expressed relief after speaking to Hislop’s family, assuring fans that they were holding up well despite witnessing the frightening incident live.

Shaka Hislop boasts an impressive career as a former goalkeeper, having played for renowned teams like Newcastle United, West Ham, and the Trinidad and Tobago men’s national team during the 2006 World Cup. After a successful 15-year journey in soccer, he retired in 2007 following a season with MLS side FC Dallas.

The incident occurred in Pasadena, where the Rose Bowl is located, with temperatures reaching around 86 degrees Sunday evening. As Hislop’s well-being takes priority, the soccer community and fans across the globe are grateful for the positive news and remain hopeful for his swift and complete recovery.

Source : CNN


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