Doja Cat Expresses Displeasure Over Fan-Named Nickname

Xavier Roger
Doja Cat

Doja Cat, the renowned singer and internet personality, recently took to social media to address her fans who had unofficially named themselves. In a series of now-deleted tweets, she firmly stated that her supporters do not have the authority to come up with their own nickname without her consent.

The “Boss Bitch” singer, known for her direct and unfiltered communication, made it clear that terms like “Kitten” or “Kittenz” used by some fans were not acceptable to her. She even went as far as suggesting that those who identify with such names should focus on more productive pursuits, such as getting a job or assisting their parents with household responsibilities.

One fan questioned her statements, pointing out that fans were only using the name that Doja Cat herself had initially given them. In response, the singer explained that she had coined the term when she was a young person struggling with alcohol addiction.

She also took issue with a supporter using her “government name” as a social media handle, deeming it “creepy.” This resulted in a swift response from the artist’s fanbase, with some reconsidering their loyalty to her due to the aggressive manner in which she addressed them.

Critics of Doja Cat’s actions have expressed confusion over her approach, as many fanbases adopt self-assigned nicknames without issue. Some fans felt disappointed, considering themselves devoted followers of the artist. They questioned why she would attack her supporters for something that is common among other fan communities.

Doja Cat’s online persona is known for being provocative and engaging in internet trolling. She even suggested that fans with accounts referencing her in any way should delete those accounts altogether.

The singer’s remarks have raised concerns about the impact on her upcoming nationwide tour, scheduled to begin in San Francisco this October. It remains to be seen how her recent actions will affect the turnout and overall reception during her performances.

As of now, representatives for Doja Cat have not responded to media requests for comments on the situation. The reasoning behind her outburst and subsequent deletion of tweets remains unknown. Fans and observers alike will be closely watching how the situation unfolds and whether any further explanations or apologies will be offered.

Source : Page Six


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