Baltimore Orioles Announcer Kevin Brown Faces Suspension for Candidly Addressing Team’s Previous Struggles

Xavier Roger
Baltimore Orioles announcer Kevin Brown

Baltimore Orioles announcer Kevin Brown has reportedly been suspended due to his candid on-air remarks regarding the team’s history of setbacks. 

Suspension Following Remarks on Team’s Past Challenges

According to a report from Awful Announcing, Kevin Brown, the Orioles’ announcer, has been indefinitely suspended by the team. The suspension follows a series of comments he made during a pregame segment on July 23, in the course of a series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Brown’s comments have been a point of discussion since that time, and he has not been back on air since July 26.

Confirmation of Suspension by The Athletic

The suspension of Kevin Brown has been confirmed by The Athletic. It was revealed that Brown’s suspension was directly related to the comments he made on July 23. 

Background on Brown’s Comments

During his on-air appearance, Kevin Brown referenced statistical data and graphics that indicated the Orioles’ performance in previous matchups against the Tampa Bay Rays. The statistics he highlighted revealed that the Orioles had struggled in their last 16 series against the Rays, with a record of 0-15-1. Significantly, these very same statistics were featured in the team’s game notes for the day.

Ownership’s Perspective on the Comments

Reports suggest that the Baltimore Orioles’ ownership took issue with Kevin Brown’s comments, perceiving them as casting the team in a negative light. This perspective was revealed by an anonymous source in communication with The Athletic. Despite this controversy, the Orioles are currently performing well in the AL East this season, ranking first, and holding the second-best overall record in Major League Baseball. This is a significant improvement from their performance in previous years, during which they failed to secure a higher position than fourth in the division over six seasons.

Contrasting Success Despite Low Payroll

The Orioles’ success this season is particularly notable considering their relatively low payroll, ranking 29th in the league. This achievement further emphasizes the team’s turnaround from previous years, where they struggled to secure a prominent place in their division despite their shortcomings in payroll.

Orioles’ Response and Brown’s Return

In response to the news of Kevin Brown’s suspension, the Orioles issued a statement to Awful Announcing denying the suspension, but also announcing Brown’s imminent return to the broadcasting booth. The team’s representative mentioned that they refrain from commenting on personnel matters and expressed their anticipation of hearing Kevin’s voice on air again.

Reactions from the Baseball World

News of Brown’s reported suspension reverberated throughout the baseball community, with notable reactions from fellow announcers. New York Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen took the opportunity to criticize the Orioles’ management during one of the Mets’ games. Additionally, NESN’s Dave O’Brien expressed support for Brown during a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Kansas City Royals. Jason Benetti, the White Sox announcer, humorously quipped about not wanting to be suspended by the Orioles when discussing the Yankees’ season series with Baltimore during a game.

Brown’s Silence on Suspension

As of now, Kevin Brown has not publicly addressed his suspension or absence from broadcasting. He declined an interview request from The Baltimore Banner, which adds to the air of mystery surrounding the situation.

In conclusion, the suspension of Kevin Brown, the Baltimore Orioles’ announcer, has garnered significant attention due to his candid remarks on the team’s past struggles. The controversy has led to discussions about the Orioles’ management, their impressive turnaround this season, and the support from fellow broadcasters across the league. The situation remains unresolved, with Brown yet to break his silence on the matter.

Source : Yahoo Sports


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