Aaron Rodgers Takes Pay Cut in Restructured Deal with New York Jets

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San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 9, 2012.

In a surprising move, star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has reworked his deal with the New York Jets, agreeing to a significant pay cut of $35 million over the next two seasons. The restructuring of the contract was aimed at creating more salary cap space for the team and ensuring financial flexibility in the future.

Under the new terms, Rodgers will receive $75 million in guaranteed money for this season and the next. Additionally, the deal includes a non-guaranteed $37.5 million base salary for the 2025 season. To help manage the cap, the Jets also added four void years to the contract, spreading out the financial impact over a longer period.

As a result of the restructured deal, Rodgers’ salary cap hit for the Jets in the upcoming 2023 season is significantly reduced, standing at less than $9 million. Interestingly, this figure represents only about 25 percent of the cap hit he would have had with his former team, the Green Bay Packers.

When the Packers traded Rodgers to the Jets, they also incurred a substantial dead money hit of approximately $40 million for the current season. This dead money charge will continue until Rodgers’ contract is completely off the books in 2024.

Even with the adjustments made to Aaron Rodgers’ contract, his cap hit for the following season remains relatively low, at a little over $17 million. In comparison, the dead money charge for the Packers due to Rodgers this season is still more than double his cap hit with the Jets in the upcoming season.

One intriguing aspect of the restructured deal is that Aaron Rodgers now carries a lower cap charge than the Jets’ current starting quarterback, Zach Wilson. Wilson’s cap hit amounts to $9.6 million, making Rodgers’ cap hit a more manageable figure despite his superstar status.

The decision to rework the contract not only benefits the Jets by providing more cap space to address other roster needs but also shows Rodgers’ willingness to prioritize team success over individual earnings. The move comes as the Jets aim to build a competitive team around Rodgers, leveraging his experience and skills to propel the franchise to new heights.

As the 2023 NFL season approaches, all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers and the Jets as they strive to make a mark in the league with their revamped roster and a renewed sense of determination. The restructured deal signifies a significant step in their journey towards success, and fans eagerly await the season’s kickoff to witness Rodgers’ impact on the field for the New York Jets.

Source : Yahoo Sports

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