Women owe the bulk of student loan debt in US. Here’s how it affects them

Xavier Roger


Like most Americans, Amy Eichberger wasn’t raised by parents who could easily afford her college tuition. Her dad died before she was born, and her mom lived paycheck to paycheck. Eichberger, by her own account, wasn’t the best student in high school and struggled to get scholarships.

So, she had to take out loans

This was in the early 1990s. Tuition for the community college in her Connecticut town cost no more than a few hundred bucks a semester. But upon getting her associate’s degree and thriving in an academic setting, she decided to level up, getting her bachelor’s in public health. Then, facing lackluster job prospects, she pursued a master’s in health care administration. Eventually, she went back to school again, completing a two-year graduate program required of her current job.  


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