Will the Biden administration stop it?

Xavier Roger


Two colliding forces may control where millions of Americans shop for groceries in the coming years: Kroger, and a team of Biden administration lawyers.

Six months after Kroger proposed one of the largest retail takeovers in history, regulators remain silent on whether they will permit or fight the $25 billion merger with rival grocer Albertsons.

Antitrust experts say the Federal Trade Commission may ultimately go to court to halt the deal. They note the acquisition was unveiled months after the Biden administration vowed tougher regulatory scrutiny of big mergers as it seeks to protect both consumers and workers.

Albertsons operates grocery retail stores under many banners.


Kroger’s bid is a huge deal: Just shy of a $28 billion merger in 2016 of two European chains that included 2,000 stores in the U.S., the current proposal will likely have a bigger impact on America. The current proposal would create a network of nearly 5,000 stores in almost every U.S. state and give it more than 700,000 workers – more than the U.S. Postal Service.


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