What is the healthiest fast food? This is what to be on lookout for

Xavier Roger


The definition of “fast food” has blurred over the years. What used to mean burgers and fries at a minimal cost has morphed as chains move into the “fast casual” space or beef up their menus with healthier options. Plant-based options are increasing, and it’s becoming easier to order a salad or wrap in just a few minutes. 

But sometimes you’re just craving that burger and fries. If you’re looking to eat fast food in more healthy moderation, here are some expert tips and swaps to make. 

What is the healthiest fast food? 

The healthiest fast food isn’t a place, it’s a mindset, said Luanne Hughes, a professor and nutrition educator at Rutgers University’s Cooperative Extension. Rather than sifting through different fast food chains across your city, focus on the choice you’re making when you stand in front of the cashier. 


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