Vice President Kamala Harris Sets Historic Tie-Breaking Vote Record in the Senate

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Image Credit - Kamala Harris EFE/EPA/SHAWN THEW
Kamala Harris
Image Credit – Kamala Harris EFE/EPA/SHAWN THEW


On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris matched the historical record for the highest number of tie-breaking votes cast by a vice president in the Senate, reaching a total of 31.

The vote today served to confirm the nomination of attorney Kalpana Kotagal as a member of the country’s Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity.

In the United States, the vice presidency carries minimal formal obligations. These include assuming the presidency in the event of the president’s death or resignation and presiding over the Senate, which grants the vice president the authority to cast tie-breaking votes in the chamber consisting of 100 seats. This prerogative held great significance during the previous legislature when the Upper House was evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, with each party holding 50 seats.

Therefore, Harris’ vote was pivotal in passing some of the flagship plans of the Joe Biden administration, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and the American Rescue Plan. The majority leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, highlighted this during his remarks in the chamber today, acknowledging Harris’ decisive role in pushing these initiatives forward.

“Her performance has been supremely excellent,” stated Schumer, praising Harris and celebrating her record.

Schumer also emphasized the significant role of the Senate in confirming federal judge nominees, an area where Harris’ vote has been instrumental.

In this legislature, progressives hold a one-senator advantage, although technically they have fewer seats than the Republicans since three of their members are independents.

Harris has reached this tie-breaking record just past the midpoint of Biden’s four-year administration, making it likely that she will establish a new milestone in the future.

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