Tourist’s Daredevil Act at Trevi Fountain in Rome Raises Eyebrows

Xavier Roger
Rome Trevi Fountain in Italy

In a daring act that left onlookers in disbelief, a tourist went to extreme lengths during sightseeing in Rome last month. A video captured the shocking moment when a woman climbed into the renowned Trevi Fountain, an iconic 18th-century landmark and a beloved tourist attraction.

The incident unfolded in July and was recorded by a fellow sightseer, who later shared the video on TikTok. In the video footage, the tourist can be seen wearing white capri pants and a blue shirt. Holding an empty plastic bottle under one of the fountain’s cascading waterfalls, she appeared to be collecting water directly from the spout.

Witnesses watched with astonishment as the woman entered and exited the fountain, an attraction that draws an estimated 1,000 visitors every hour. After successfully filling her plastic bottle, she carefully navigated the uneven stones of the fountain to make her way out. Once back at the viewing area, where other tourists were observing the landmark, she seemingly resumed her visit.

Amid this unconventional act, a police officer sporting a bright yellow vest emblazoned with “Polizia Roma Capitale” intervened. Blowing a whistle, the officer approached the woman after she left the fountain. A brief conversation followed, and the guard then escorted her away from the scene.

Interestingly, a TripAdvisor review from 2016 recounted a similar incident where another tourist opted for an unconventional experience by taking a dip in the fountain. The reviewer mentioned that officials impose a fine of €450 (about $491) on individuals who venture into the fountain. Despite the hefty financial penalty, the reviewer described it as “one of the most unique and beautiful souvenirs.”

The Trevi Fountain is renowned for its legend, which suggests that tossing a coin into its pool ensures a return to the city in the future.

This year, tourism rates in Rome, as well as other popular European destinations such as Barcelona, Spain, and Santorini, Greece, are projected to surpass 2019 levels, pre-pandemic. The surge in tourism is largely attributed to American travelers, motivated by the robust value of the U.S. dollar, who have embarked on long-anticipated trips. Despite the bustling crowds, many visitors remain undeterred, showing resilience even in the face of busy attractions.

Lauren Gonzalez, a 25-year-old traveler, encapsulated this sentiment by saying, “The crowds don’t deter us. We live in Florida. We have all been to Disney World in the heat. We are all good.”

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