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All the best mattresses you can shop at Amazon

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A mattress is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you’ll own, and with the advent of boxed options from companies like Leesa and Nectar, it’s no longer necessary to make the trip to a brick-and-mortar store to find the perfect sleeper. If you’re already a Prime member and do the majority of your shopping on Amazon, buying a mattress from the giant retailer couldn’t be easier and with Sleep Week 2023 in full swing, it’s likely you’ll find some top-rated mattresses on sale. 

We’ve tested the most popular mattresses using scientific tests to determine which ones offer the perfect blend of comfort and support. These are the seven best mattresses you can get at Amazon. 

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1. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Best mattresses at Amazon: Leesa Hybrid

If money is no object, then the Leesa Hybrid mattress is the one to get. Our reviewer had high expectations when this much-hyped mattress arrived in our labs and after extensive testing, it emerged as one of our favorite sleepers by a wide margin. The top layers of foam provide enough softness to contour the body and provide a comfortable surface regardless of your preferred sleeping position. The foam layers combined with the individually wrapped springs create a perfect balance of firmness and softness. Its price may result in a fair amount of sticker shock, but considering the importance of a good night’s sleep, we think it’s worth investing as much as is feasible for your budget in a mattress. 

From $1,199at Amazon

2. Tuft & Needle Original

Best mattresses at Amazon: Tuft & Needle Original

If your budget can’t stretch to accommodate the Leesa Hybrid, then the Tuft & Needle Original is an excellent alternative and is our pick for the best affordable mattress. Tuft & Needle has found the perfect balance of affordability and quality with the Original mattress. Our reviewer was impressed with the cushioning and firmness as well as the overall support it offered. She also found it to have good edge support and was comfortable regardless of her sleeping position.

From $570at Amazon

3. Lull Original

Best mattresses at Amazon: Lull Original

If you hate that sinking feeling of an overly soft bed, then the Lull Original might be for you. We were floored by this mattress when we tested it, and as far as we are concerned, it’s the best firm mattress and the best memory foam mattress you can get right now. The Lull Original has a firm sleep surface, excellent edge support, and sleeps cool. 

From $499 at Amazon

4. Purple Mattress

Best mattresses at Amazon: Purple

For a mattress that works well for various sleep positions, you can’t go wrong with the Purple mattress. In testing, we found Purple’s offering had a surprisingly firm surface that was supportive but bouncy, with a little bit of cushioning. We were also incredibly impressed by how well it diffused heat and the surprisingly stable edge support. 

From $799 at Amazon

5. Serta Perfect Sleeper

Best mattresses at Amazon: Serta Perfect Sleeper

While there are numerous soft and firm options, finding the perfect middle ground between the two can be a bit of a nightmare. The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a good value mattress that slots perfectly into the not-too-firm or not-too-soft category. Our reviewer was impressed with Serta’s overall comfort, solid edge support, and good heat diffusion. 

From $764 at Amazon

6. Nectar Mattress

Best mattresses at Amazon: Nectar

For those who want the softest sleeping surface possible, the Nectar mattress is the one to get. For side sleepers looking for a cushy surface that eliminates strain or pain on the shoulder or hip, it could be a perfect choice, and our tests revealed that it does a great job of dissipating heat. 

From $359 at Amazon

7. Serta Arctic Mattress

Best Mattresses at Amazon: Serta Arctic Hybrid

If you often overheat at night then the Serta Arctic hybrid mattress should be right at the top of your wishlist. It’s the best mattress we have ever tested when it comes to heat diffusion. It also does a great job at limiting motion transfer so you won’t be woken by a tossing and turning partner or pet. The only major downside to this chilly mattress is its cost. The Serta Arctic is a luxury mattress with a price tag to match. 

From $2,599 at Amazon

Should you buy a mattress in a box from Amazon? 

Mattresses sold on Amazon are usually the same as those found on a company website. The only significant differences boil down to price and exclusivity. Occasionally you can find products selling on Amazon for less than on a brand’s website, so it’s essential to shop around before making your purchase. Additionally, some brands have exclusive products only available on Amazon and vice versa.  

Do mattresses purchased from Amazon have the same trial periods as those purchased directly?

Yes, Amazon’s return policy for mattresses seems to align with many manufacturers, as it offers a 100-night window that serves as a trial. 

Should I return a mattress to Amazon or the manufacturer?

If you purchase a mattress through Amazon, you should initiate a return through Amazon. That’s because Amazon generally buys products from retailers and then sends them to customers. Returns will need to be initiated through Amazon’s Special Handling/Heavy Bulk Services Department for certain mattresses. In some cases, shoppers will need to reach out to the manufacturer directly to request a refund. 

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