The best Eid gifts for kids

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Here are some creative Eid gifts for kids.

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This year, Eid-al-Fitr 2023 is expected to land on April 21, commemorating the end of a long month of fasting for Ramadan. Both Eid and Ramadan follow the lunar calendar and are based on the moon sighting, so dates vary every year. Though Ramadan is a time of restricting oneself from food and drink, it’s spiritually fulfilling and is all the more merry when Eid finally arrives. 

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The morning of Eid, worshippers head to their local mosque to pray. Afterward, the holiday is celebrated with friends and family over intimate gatherings at home and lots of food and delectable sweets, including sheer khurma (vermicelli pudding), dates, cookies, chai and more. There is a sense of happiness and celebration in the air at having completed another Ramadan.

It’s also a time of giving gifts, especially to kids, as a sign of generosity and an expression of love, ideals that are encouraged in Islam. Traditionally, parents and older members of the family give kids money in an envelope as an Eidi (an Eid gift also known as Salami) but if you want to gift something more substantial, you’ll have to get creative.

Giving the kids in your life a thoughtful Eid gift will make the holiday more memorable for them. Whether you want to give them good Eid memories or start a fun tradition to get them excited about Eid-al-Fitr and the end of Ramadan, we’ve rounded up some great Eid gift ideas for kids. From arts and crafts to personalized Eid chocolate bars, there’s a gift here every kind of kid will enjoy. 

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1. An Eid gifting bundle

Eid gifts for kids: Ramadan gift bundle

You’ll get gold foil gift bags, treat bags, money envelopes and cards in this Eid Gift Bundle. The 26-piece set has everything you’ll need. Put Eid money in the envelopes and something sweet like chocolate or cookies in the gift bags.

From $15 at Etsy

2. Kids’ prayer mat

Eid gifts for kids: Prayer mats

If your child has reached an age where they’ve started to pray, then gift them this adorable customized Prayer Mat. Choose from either pink or blue and add their name. They’ll remember you every time they pray.

From $9 at Etsy

3. Eid party favors

Eid gifts for kids: Cone goody bag

Give a mix of everything with these Eid Favors. Each cone holds three cutters and stamps, Play-doh containers and a balloon. You can even add some candy by messaging the Etsy creator. 

From $35 at Etsy

4. Personalized Eid Cadbury chocolates

Eid gifts for kids: Cadbury chocolate

The sweet tooth lovers in your life will love these Eid Cadbury Chocolates. Choose from different flavors like Oreo White, Fruit and Nut, Dark Choco and more. You can personalize these bars by adding a small message and your giftee’s name on the wrapper.

From $8 at Etsy

5. A celebratory customized puzzle 

Best Eid gifts for kids: Puzzle

Get this Ramadan puzzle as an Eid gift this year. The 48-piece puzzle will keep your kids busy. It can also be a fun activity to do with their parents!

$11 at Amazon

6. Personalized Eid sacks

Eid gifts for kids: Eid customized sack

Personalizing an Eid gift adds the perfect thoughtful touch. Grab whatever candies, snacks and toys you want and stuff them in these Personalized Eid Sacks. You can even add your giftee’s name on the bags. They come in three sizes.

From $9 at Etsy

7. DIY Eid banner paint kit

Eid gifts for kids: Painting kit

The artsy kids will appreciate this DIY Eid Banner Paint Kit. The handmade moon, star and lantern banner comes with a six-color paint strip. Get them excited to get crafty!

$11 at Etsy

8. Collection of Walker’s shortbread cookies

Eid gifts for kids: Shortbread cookies

These Walker’s Shortbread Cookies are a perfectly delicious Eid gift for the cookie lovers in your life. The pure butter cookies have that irresistible melt-in-the-mouth crumbly cookie texture that’s the reason Walker’s cookies are famous in the first place. The cookies are made with the Walker family’s traditional Scottish recipe.

$17 at Amazon

9. Cute sabr keychain

Eid gifts for kids: Keychain

Gift this adorable Sabr Keychain to your child so they can always carry it around with them as a sweet reminder to be patient for the good things in life. The bright  keychain features the word Sabr in Arabic calligraphy, which means “patience” or “perseverance,” an important value in Islam. It has a cute rose-gold heart-shaped clasp that your kid can attach to a backpack or purse.

You can also check out the rest of this Etsy shop, HudhudCreations, for adorable Eid stickers, buttons, pins and dolls that’ll make equally cute Eid gifts for your child.

$5 at Etsy

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