Terps’ Miller a women’s tourney winner

Xavier Roger


Diamond Miller (left) celebrates with her teammates after Maryland beat Notre Dame to advance to the Elite 8.


The final round of Sweet 16 games was humming along as expected and then Ohio State goes and throws everything into chaos. Chaos, I tell you! Even if UConn had looked decidedly un-UConn-like during the regular season, dropping consecutive games for the first time since 1993, the 11-time national champions had seemed to be rounding into form recently. 

Then they ran into the buzzsaw that is the Ohio State defense. 

The Buckeyes harassed UConn into 25 turnovers (more on this in a bit) and generally made life miserable for the Huskies, who will miss the Elite Eight for the first time since 2005. UConn’s NCAA record of 14 consecutive Final Four appearances is also toast. 


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