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The end of “Succession” is coming.

 A “deeply conflicted” series creator Jesse Armstrong broke the news in February that the acclaimed HBO series will end with Season 4, which kicks off Sunday (9 EDT/PDT).

Brian Cox, the show’s dastardly daddy and media conglomerate CEO Logan Roy, applauds Armstrong’s power move to cap the series, which has won 13 Emmy Awards, including two best drama wins.

“So much television goes well past its sell-by date,” Cox says. “I admire his courage bringing this to an end. This show will be remembered for its finite element. Each season has capped the past season, and we’ve done it again.”

But who will end up on top in the cutthroat world of backstabbing billionaires? Let’s explore.

Brian Cox's Logan Roy schemes in "Succession" season 4.

Why is everyone shocked and crying about ‘Succession’?

The end of “Succession” was part of the rumor mill, even for cast members.

“There was flip-flopping and rumors swirling about whether this was it,” says Sarah Snook, who plays Logan’s steely daughter Shiv Roy. “It wasn’t until the table read for the final episode that we got a definitive answer.”


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