Stormy Daniels meets with prosecutors in hush money probe

Xavier Roger


Hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels are central to two of the lawsuits seeking tax and financial documents from President Trump's accounting firm.

Manhattan prosecutors met Wednesday with adult film star Stormy Daniels as part of the long-running investigation into a $130,000 payment Donald Trump made just before the 2016 election to silence the actress about a prior affair.

“At the request of the Manhattan DA’s office Stormy Daniels and I met with prosecutors today,” attorney Clark Brewster tweeted. “Stormy responded to questions and has agreed to make herself available as a witness, or for further inquiry if needed.”

Daniels thanked her attorney in a separate tweet for “helping me in our continuing fight for truth and justice.”

Michael Cohen, former attorney for President Donald Trump, prepares to testify before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Feb. 27, 2019.

It was unclear whether the meeting occurred in person, but the disclosure added new drama to an investigation believed to be nearing its end as a decision loomed on whether Trump would face criminal charges.

The district attorney’s office declined comment.

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