SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Tesla’s Deceptive Game Exposed! The Class Action That’s Rocking the EV World!

Xavier Roger
SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Tesla's Deceptive Game Exposed!

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Tesla’s Supercharging Class Action Lawsuit in Perspective:

Instigator: Sean Cohen has initiated a class action lawsuit against the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Inc.

Cause for Action: Cohen alleges that Tesla engaged in deceptive advertising by falsely asserting that consumers who acquired a Model S or Model X vehicle between April and June 2023 would enjoy an extravagant three years of unlimited free supercharging.

Jurisdiction: The class action lawsuit has been transferred to a federal court in California. Tesla is accused of having falsely pledged three years of supercharging to individuals who acquired their Model S and Model X vehicles during the specified timeframe. This lawsuit, as alleged by plaintiff Sean Cohen, contends that Tesla’s intent was never to provide complimentary supercharging, despite marketing claims that deceived customers into paying premium prices for their vehicles.

Cohen contends that Tesla executed a cunning online marketing strategy, which prominently featured the false promise of unlimited free supercharging for Model S and Model X buyers who made their purchases between April 20 and June 30.

“The plaintiff would have abstained from purchasing the product altogether or, in the alternative, would have sought it at a substantially reduced price if he had been apprised of the falsity, deceptiveness, and misrepresentation evident in the advertising,” as declared in the Tesla class action lawsuit.

Cohen seeks to represent a class of California-based consumers who have acquired a Tesla Model S or Model X for personal use since May 17, 2019.

Tesla’s Awareness of Supercharging Significance:

Cohen argues that Tesla deliberately chose to tout the three-year unlimited free supercharging benefit for Model S and Model X purchasers because the automaker was well aware that the cost associated with supercharging an electric vehicle holds unquestionable significance for prospective car buyers.

“This is precisely why Tesla, the defendant, opted to prominently showcase the ‘3 Years of Free Supercharging’ and associated savings features,” outlines the Tesla class action lawsuit.

Allegations and Violations:

Cohen asserts that Tesla stands accused of fraudulent conduct, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation. Additionally, the company is charged with breaching California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

The plaintiff not only demands a trial by jury but also seeks declaratory and injunctive relief. Furthermore, Cohen pursues an award encompassing compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages, both for himself and for the entire class of affected consumers.

It is noteworthy that another separate class action lawsuit against Tesla was recently filed by a group of consumers. This lawsuit alleges that the automaker grossly overstates the range of its electric vehicles in its advertising campaigns.

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