Pet zebra bites Ohio man’s arm; animal fatally shot: Authorities

Xavier Roger


COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio man was hospitalized Sunday after a zebra he owned nearly bit the man’s arm off.

The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. Sunday in the city of Circleville, about 20 miles south of Columbus. Pickaway County Sheriff’s office deputies found the man in a fenced-in field, lying on the ground.

The zebra, while deputies were on the scene assisting the man, continued acting erratically and reportedly charged at a deputy’s cruiser that had been positioned to keep the animal from being able to get to the victim.

The sheriff’s office said the zebra continued to act in a way that appeared aggressive, so deputies began blowing air horns and yelling at the zebra to try and scare it away. The zebra reportedly continued to charge at deputies and fire crews, as well as other members of the victim’s family.


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