Jasmine Taylor turned cash stuffing into Baddies and Budgets business

Xavier Roger


A Texas woman who was nearly $80,000 deep in debt has gone viral for using a saving method called cash stuffing to pay it all off.

Jasmine Taylor, 31, lives in Amarillo, Texas. In January 2021, she owed about $60,000 in student loans, $9,000 in credit card debt and about $10,000 in medical debt, she told USA TODAY.

Taylor has a degree in applied science and was trying to get her teaching certification. To earn money, she did everything she could think of: food and prescription delivery, couponing, online surveys, transcribing and more.

She was watching YouTube when she found out about cash stuffing, a budgeting system where individuals take cash for different spending categories and put the money into envelopes.


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