Ian’s winds reached 161 mph, then dropped before Florida landfall

Xavier Roger


A post-season analysis of deadly Hurricane Ian found the storm briefly intensified to a Category 5 storm with winds of 161 mph last September as it moved into the Gulf of Mexico on its way to Florida.

The upgraded status was just one piece of a fact-filled after-storm report on Ian released Monday by the National Hurricane Center. 

By the time Ian made landfall nine hours later on Cayo Costa, a barrier island on Florida’s southwest coast, its sustained winds had dropped. But only to an estimated 149.6 mph, enough to leave catastrophic death and destruction in its wake.

For millions living in the nation’s hurricane prone regions, the lives lost as a result of Ian’s massive storm surge and extreme rainfall are the most important lesson, said Daniel Noah, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Tampa Bay. 


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