Florida circus owner, Minnesota woman dispute ownership of rare horse

Xavier Roger


Ben Hur de Bernaville, a rare French Boulonnais Draft stallion, is practicing on an obstacle course in Wisconsin. Ben was at the center of a dispute between Lynn Gennrich, who bought the stallion in 2015, and Olissio Zoppe, founder of Cirque Ma' Ceo, who took the horse in September 2018 to include in his circus.

MYAKKA CITY, Florida – Under the guise of night, 25-year-old Ian Davis unhooked the latch of a fenced property, slipped a harness over a ghostly white mane and led a 1,600-pound horse onto the roadway, where Davis’s sister was waiting. 

Gravel and dirt crunched under Ben Hur de Bernaville’s hooves, his pace picking up once he saw the three-horse trailer ahead. With ease, the horse sidled inside, the door shutting behind him.


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