Discovering the Delightful Easter Eggs in Good Omens Season 2: A Fun-filled Scavenger Hunt for Fans!

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Good Omens

When it comes to well-executed “Easter eggs,” the joy they bring can be immeasurable. Good Omens Season 2 offered quite a few delightful surprises, and I’ve taken it upon myself to compile all the ones I spotted. It’s like embarking on a brain-teasing scavenger hunt!

Now, it’s worth noting that not all of these references might have been intentional, but that only adds to the fun. Some nods may have been unintentional or even incidental, but they still make for a thrilling discovery. So, let’s delve into the world of Good Omens and unearth these hidden gems!

1. “Dick-in-a-box”:

One cannot ignore the hilarious scene where Jon Hamm’s character walks through Soho with a strategically placed cardboard box. This immediately brings to mind the famous Lonely Island SNL skit “Dick in a Box” featuring Justin Timberlake. The scene gets even funnier if you’re familiar with the Good Omens book, which humorously suggests that angels don’t possess genitalia unless they “make an effort.” Gabriel’s unexpected reaction to the box dropping leaves Aziraphale bewildered.

2. Sherlock Homage:

During a nostalgic moment, Aziraphale reminisces about the events in the Book of Job, similar to a scene in BBC’s Sherlock, where Irene Adler has to inform Sherlock that John Watson left their flat while he was lost in thought. These instances bear a resemblance, showcasing Aziraphale and Sherlock’s shared tendency to get lost in their minds.

3. Doctor Who Tribute:

Season 2 elevates the references by having Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor and David Tennant’s father-in-law, play the biblical figure Job. Additionally, the fly Beelzebub gives Gabriel is “bigger on the inside,” a nod to Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

4. Tommy Cooper’s Fez:

Crowley donning a fez in the magic shop near Aziraphale’s bookshop may tempt Whovians to draw connections to the Eleventh Doctor’s iconic phrase, “Fezzes are cool.” However, this likely references British comedian Tommy Cooper, known for wearing a fez while entertaining audiences with a mix of stand-up and sleight-of-hand acts.

5. David Hasselhoff’s Signature:

Aziraphale’s book from magic tutor Mr. Hoffman is inscribed with a kind note and the signature “The Hoff.” But we all know that only David Hasselhoff himself is worthy of the moniker “The Hoff,” from his Knight Rider and Baywatch days.

6. The “No Regerts” Tattoo:

In a Scottish graveyard, Aziraphale faces two rough gentlemen, one of whom sports a forehead tattoo that humorously replicates the infamous “NO REGERTS” tattoo found in an internet sensation compilation of spelling errors. Is this man the only one in the Good Omens universe with this misspelled tattoo?

7. Hot Fuzz’s Typos:

The small group of demons led by Shax demands that Aziraphale surrender the “angle” Gabriel to Hell, hilariously referring to “angle” instead of “angel.” This blunder echoes the comedic use of typos in the movie Hot Fuzz, where Sergeant Nicholas Angel faces similar amusement.

8. Aziraphale’s Miracle Wardrobe:

Though not an Easter egg, it’s worth mentioning that Aziraphale impressively orchestrates miraculous wardrobe changes for anyone not “appropriately” dressed for his Austen-ian ball in episode five. The notable transformation of Gabriel’s outfit leads to questions about where Aziraphale sourced the bedazzled powder blue suit and fluffy cloak. Perhaps Aziraphale’s wardrobe holds some intriguing secrets!

9. Suzy Izzard’s Stand-Up Routine:

When the Metatron visits Nina’s coffee shop, he asks if anyone ever asks for death, cleverly referencing the shop’s name, “Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death!” This alludes to Suzy Izzard’s stand-up routine, where she humorously suggests the Church of England offering supplicants the choice of “cake or death.”

10. Nods to the Good Omens Source Material:

The series also includes well-placed callbacks to the Good Omens novel:

– The Book Itself: Gabriel shelves books in Aziraphale’s shop, and as he comes across various classics, he stumbles upon the book’s opening line, “It was a nice day,” eliciting a heartfelt reaction from fans.
– Crowley’s Bullet Hole Decals: Season 2 reveals the iconic James Bond-style bullet-hole-through-the-windows decals on Crowley’s car, as mentioned in the book.
– Pronunciation of Aziraphale: Furfur’s humorous fumbling over the pronunciation of Aziraphale’s name is a tribute to the decades-long debate among fans and authors alike.

11. Discworld References:

Several references to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series grace Season 2:

– “A Really —ing Terrible Idea”: Crowley’s exclamation bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Tulip’s line from The Truth.
– Capital Letters: Crowley playfully points out the use of capital letters in Aziraphale’s sentences, reminiscent of Pratchett’s emphasis on capitalized words for comedic effect.
– Dibbler’s Laudanum: Crowley’s interaction with Dibbler’s laudanum leads to hilariously unintended side effects.
– Nac Mac Feegle: Crowley’s transformation after consuming laudanum makes him resemble the Nac Mac Feegle, Discworld’s Scottish fae creatures.
– Mrs. Sandwich and Seamstresses: Names like Mrs. Sandwich and references to seamstresses echo Pratchett’s distinctive naming conventions.

In conclusion, Good Omens Season 2 offers a treasure trove of Easter eggs that delight fans of the show, the book, and the worlds of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Each hidden reference adds a touch of whimsy and charm, making the viewing experience all the more enjoyable for seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.”

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