CHEQ Launches World’s First Social Payments Platform at Bite of Seattle: Enhancing In-Person Experiences

Xavier Roger
Bite of Seattle

Tom Lapham, the CEO of CHEQ, proudly announces the debut of their revolutionary social payments platform, making it the first of its kind in the world. The platform aims to connect consumers and businesses to exceptional in-person experiences, transforming the way people interact during events like festivals and stadium gatherings.

Lapham explains that CHEQ is a mobile app extensively present in stadiums and festivals across the country. They have also collaborated with the Seattle Mariners, and this year, they are extending their cutting-edge technology to the renowned Bite of Seattle festival.

One of the main features of the app is the option to pre-order food, which is strategically designed to eliminate long lines and enhance overall customer satisfaction. However, CHEQ’s vision goes beyond catering solely to smartphone users. The mobile-first format is also inclusive, offering kiosks and staff assistance to cash customers, thus removing any barriers that could hinder anyone from enjoying the seamless experience.

As the organizers gear up for the event, they are anticipating a substantial turnout, with expectations of attracting upwards of half a million visitors over the three-day food and music festival. The Bite of Seattle originated in 1982 as a celebration of food but has since evolved to incorporate music and other entertainment. This year, the festival boasts over 100 food vendors and artisans, providing an incredible variety of culinary delights to the attendees. Additionally, more than 50 musical acts are set to perform across three stages at Seattle Center, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

The best part of the Bite of Seattle is that it is open to the public free of charge! Everyone is welcome to immerse themselves in the festivities and enjoy live performances. However, VIP packages are available for purchase for those who wish to elevate their experience further and indulge in exclusive privileges. While food comes with a cost, the overall ambience and entertainment are accessible to all, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone.

The highly-anticipated CHEQ Bite of Seattle will take place from July 21st to July 23rd. For added convenience, Wine and Beer Gardens will be conveniently located near the performance stages, allowing attendees to savor their favorite beverages while enjoying the music and culinary delights.

To make the most of their experience, CHEQ encourages guests to download their free app in advance of the Bite. By doing so, they gain exclusive access to post-festival promotions, which can be redeemed with local restaurants and artisan vendors. It’s a fantastic opportunity for festival-goers to further explore the culinary scene and engage with local businesses beyond the event.

As the world’s first social payments platform, CHEQ is poised to revolutionize how people enjoy in-person experiences at various events, starting with the Bite of Seattle. With its user-friendly app and commitment to inclusivity, CHEQ is set to enhance the overall experience for attendees, making it easier and more enjoyable to savor the finest moments at one of Seattle’s most beloved festivals.

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