Caitlin Clark of Iowa is women’s basketball’s transcendent talent

Xavier Roger


To get an idea of just how intoxicating Caitlin Clark’s game is, all you had to do Sunday — if you weren’t near a TV to watch her pile up 41 points, hand out 12 assists and grab 10 rebounds — was scroll Twitter. 

Dick Vitale, the ESPN commentator who’s watched a few superstars in his 40-plus years calling games, wrote, “OMG I can’t believe what I am watching in this 3S lady / SUPER – Sensational – Scintillating = CAITLIN CLARK! Way better than I thought. Heard so much about her from my buddy-partner Dave O’Brien & wow he was on the money/ she is as good as it gets.”

T.J. Hockenson, the Minnesota Vikings tight end (and Iowa alum) is a fan, too. “Caitlin Clark is a walking bucket,” he tweeted. “Absolutely incredible.” 


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