Branding updated on cans before 125th anniversary

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Pepsi is updating the soft drink’s logo ahead of its 125th anniversary – while paying tribute to the pop in the brand’s classic labeling.

The new logo, which replaces one used since 2008, has a bold “PEPSI,” centered in a black-bordered circle over red, white and blue stripes. The current logo displays the word “pepsi” in a leaner font, alongside a globe with more muted colors. 

The goal in reimagining the logo was to infuse “great energy and confidence and boldness,” PepsiCo chief design officer Mauro Porcini told USA TODAY.

PepsiCo will begin making use of the new logo this fall in the U.S. and Canada, on “electric” blue and black cans and in promotions. PepsiCo will roll out the logo internationally in 2024.

Pepsi's new logo, on the right, will replace the one on the left, which has been used since 2008. Products with the new logo will begin appearing in stores this fall.

Revamping Pepsi logo: Several years before it was in the can

The company began rethinking its branding over the last few years. Focus groups liked the past logos with the word “Pepsi,” inside a globe, Pepsi chief marketing officer Todd Kaplan said.

Consumer research revealed a preference for those Pepsi logos from the ’70s and ’80s. “So there was this implicit connection that we thought was not even out there today,” Kaplan said. “The challenge was how can we take something that was part of our heritage and our past and project it to the present and the future.”


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