Ecuadorian Dynamo 

Moisés Caicedo hails from Ecuador, bringing a fresh South American flair to Chelsea's lineup.

Youthful Sensation 

At just 20 years old, he is already a driving force in the midfield. 

Record Fee 

The £115 million price tag marks the highest ever for a British transfer. 

Brighton Discovery 

Caicedo showcased his prowess at Brighton, earning him a coveted spot at Chelsea. 

Midfield Maestro 

Known for his exceptional ball control and vision, Caicedo is set to dominate the midfield. 

Inspiration for Youth 

His journey from humble beginnings to Premier League stardom is an inspiration. 

International Impact 

Caicedo has already made his mark on the international stage, representing Ecuador. 


He can thrive in multiple midfield roles, adding depth to Chelsea's strategies. 

Jersey Number 

Caicedo will sport the iconic number 8 jersey previously worn by Chelsea legends. 

Breaking News: Chelsea Secures British Record Transfer for Moisés Caicedo from Brighton