In the UK, Skittles are known as "Fruit Pastilles"

No Two Skittles are Alike 

NASA's Space Shuttle program often included Skittles in astronauts' food kits 

The world's largest Skittle was created by the Wrigley Company in 2016. It weighed a whopping 2,460 pounds (1,115 kg) and was over 21 inches (53 cm) in diameter. 

Skittles were first introduced in the United States in 1974 by a British company called Rowntree's Limited. 

The name "Skittles" comes from the British game "skittles," which is similar to bowling 

Skittles in the United States became gelatin-free, making them suitable for vegetarians. 

The outer shell of Skittles is made from various ingredients, including sugar, corn syrup, and hydrogenated palm kernel oil. 

Limited-edition flavors of Skittles have included Tropical, Wild Berry, Smoothie Mix, and Sour. 

The original Skittles pack contained five flavors, each represented by a different color: Grape (Purple), Lemon (Yellow), Lime (Green), Orange (Orange), and Strawberry (Red). 

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By Nicole Newman | Jan 29, 2020

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