Track the data to find safest neighborhoods

Xavier Roger


LOS ANGELES — For years, Los Angeles residents, like many in communities across the country, have complained about growing crime – from catalytic converter theft to stolen packages, or far worse – and the impact on their quality of life.

More than three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, USA TODAY took a look at the data to assess how much crime really has gone up and whether people are more, or less, safe than they were back in 2019.

Los Angeles saw an 11% increase in its overall crime rate in 2022, with 60 reported crimes per 1,000 residents last year compared with 54 per 1,000 residents in 2019. The data includes both violent crimes, defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to include rape, robberies, armed assault and homicide, as well as property crimes, such as burglary, arson and vehicle theft.


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