‘The girl with the scorpion tattoo’ ID’d in New York after 30 years

Xavier Roger


For years, a woman whose remains were found on Staten Island was identified only as ‘the girl with the scorpion tattoo.’ Now, over 30 years later, her real name has been revealed.

Her name is Christine Belusko, the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office said in a Facebook post and on Twitter.

But that’s only part of the mystery.

Police also said Belusko had a 2-year-old daughter at the time named Christa Nicole, and investigators don’t know what happened to her.

“While Christine’s killer remains unidentified (and) the whereabouts of Christa Nicole are unknown, we are turning to the public to ask their assistance in bringing this case to a close (and) securing long-delayed justice in the case of the girl with the scorpion tattoo,” the district attorney’s office said in its Facebook post.

Christine Belusko (left), her daughter Christa Nicole Belusko as a baby (center) and Christa Nicole in an age progression photo (right). Christa Nicole was two years old when Christine's remains were found in 1991. Investigators identified the remains as Christine's over 30 years later. As of March 22, 2023, investigators don't know where her daughter is.

What happened to Christine Belusko?

Belusko’s body was found on Sept. 20, 1991 with nearly 20 blows to her head in a wooded area, McMahon said at the press conference Tuesday.

Two employees from a nearby psychiatric hospital who were walking by found her and initially thought she was a mannequin, the New York Times reported.


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