Men’s NCAA Tournament winners, losers from Sunday

Xavier Roger


It really is wide open, isn’t it? 

On a day when another top seed (No. 2 Marquette) went down, we were reminded again that this men’s NCAA Tournament truly could be won by anyone

Yes, top seeds Alabama and Houston are still in it and will be favored (thought it’s tough to say how much Houston will be favored given how banged up the Cougars are). But in a season in which there was no real consistent standout or even separation between a handful of top teams and everyone else, the NCAA Tournament has delivered just like we thought it would. 

We’re through the most fun part of the tournament, which is a bit of a bummer. Nothing beats the first weekend, when everyone’s juggling multiple screens and multiple brackets, living and dying with each basket. But the basketball (theoretically) gets better now, which will be a welcome change from some ugly viewing the last four days. Please, someone, shoot better than 45% the rest of the way. We, the viewers and fans, deserve it!


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