Egg prices led Dollar Tree to take cartons off its shelves: Reports

Xavier Roger


Dollar Tree.

The high cost of eggs has led Dollar Tree to take the food off its store shelves.

Dollar Tree has stopped selling eggs, the retail and grocery chain confirmed to multiple media outlets this week – pointing to expensive egg prices that persist.

In recent months, the price of eggs skyrocketed to record-high levels. Costs have begun to fall for consumers, with a 6.7% drop in February, but egg prices are still up 55% over the past year. As of February, producers saw an annual 38% rise in egg costs, according to CNN.

Shoppers saw an average cost of $4.21 a carton for Grade A eggs in February, down from $4.82 in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In contrast, Grade A eggs cost about $2 a carton in February 2022.


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