Blockbuster Video’s website is live. Are they making a comeback?

Xavier Roger


  • Blockbuster fans recently discovered the company’s website has been updated.
  • Customers now think the company is being revived and have shared memories involving the movie rental business.
  • A look at online archives shows that the website has underdone minor changes over the past few months but there’s no confirmation any revival is in the works.

It’s 1999. The buttery aroma of popcorn fills your nose as you walk down each aisle, browsing the latest Blockbuster releases. Maybe you’ll pick up a horror flick, or something lighter like “Toy Story.”

It’s a memory the movie rental company’s fans looked back at fondly this week after realizingBlockbuster’s website is still live with a new landing page.

The company’s website appears to tease something new without giving away much information at all. When visiting the site, users are greeted with the company’s iconic ticket stub logo and the words “We are working on rewinding your movie.”


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